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Our Programs

The Programs


DSO Growth Club


The DSO Growth Club is a program for new, emerging and experienced dance studio owners who are looking for simple systems, processes and tools to help them save time and implement strategies that will actually move the needle and grow their business.


DSO Social Systems


If you are a Dance Studio Owner wanting more confidence using social media to grow your business, then this program is for you. The Social Systems Academy provides proven social media marketing systems that work, even if you have limited time. 

Mini Products

Social Post Templates


A collection of 50 beautiful and fully-customisable ‘done-for-you’ social media templates designed specifically for dance studios and ready to upload in minutes. Simply edit, save, and post!

Social Media Planner


This comprehensive Social Media Planner has everything a dance studio needs to grow their social media platforms and make a statement! From the basics to planning, drafting, posting, scheduling and more!

Social Content Calendar


An easy-to-use Social Media Content Calendar created specifically for dance studios and ready to use in Google Sheets. The spreadsheet is perfect for staying organised and is perfect for busy DSOs.

‘Done For You’

Social Media Management

for dance studios

Each month I offer a small number of opportunities for dance studios to have their social media managed by me personally. In this done-for-you service everything is taken care for you, from creating stunning visual content and writing engaging captions to scheduling posts and growing a bigger audience.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you offer ‘Done For You’ social media management services to Dance Studios?

A: Yes, I only take a limited number of studios each month so contact me at support@sallyprendergast.com for more information.

Q: Do you teach dance studios how to manage their own social media platforms?

A: Yes, I have a membership called the Social Systems Academy for Dance Studios. Contact me at support@sallyprendergast.com for more information.

Q: Do you sell any other templates or digital products?

A: Yes, you can find a full range of dance templates, printables and resources with new products added evry month at the Dance Resource Hub: www.danceresourcehub.com 

Q: What is your background in the dance industry?

A: I have been a dance teacher for over 30 years and a dance studio owner for over 20 years. I have also owned retail dance and wholesale dance costume businesses.

Q: Why is social media marketing important for Dance Studios?

A: Social media marketing is a powerful tool for dance studios to attract new students, build a community, establish their expertise, increase engagement, and drive website traffic. By creating compelling social media content, dance studios can elevate their brand and stand out in a crowded market.