As a dance studio owner, managing your Facebook page is an essential part of your business. However, as your social media channels grow so does the challenge of scam messages in your inbox, which have been on the rise lately.

At SP Digital Marketing, we understand that as a dance studio owner, your time is precious. All the tasks that go along with managing your studio leave little time to sift through a cluttered inbox. That’s why we want to share a simple yet effective way to keep those annoying scam messages at bay.

Typical scam messages might look like this:

“⚠️ Important message: Your Facebook page is slated for permanent deletion due to a post that violated our trademark rights. We reached this decision after a thorough review and in accordance with our intellectual property protection policy.”

Firstly, remember that Facebook will not send official notifications through Messenger from a profile or page. These messages are almost always scams, leading to phishing sites that can compromise your account. The number one rule is Never Click The Link in a message like this and if you do, update all passwords immediately!

To save you from the disruption and worry, we have a straightforward method to filter out these messages for your dance studio:

How to Stop Spam Messages on Your Dance Studio Facebook Page

Setting up an automation in Messenger is a lifesaver. This will detect spammy keywords (like “trademark” or “fanpage”) and automatically move those messages to your spam folder. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Switch to Your Facebook Page: Ensure you’re using the page as your studio’s page.
  2. Access Messenger: Click the Messenger icon at the top right of your page.
  3. Open Automations: Tap the atom-like automation icon.
  4. Create a New Automation: Click ‘Create Automation’.
  5. Start from Scratch: Select ‘+Start from Scratch’.
  6. Name Your Automation: Something like “Dance Studio Message Spam Filter”.
  7. Choose the Channel: Set it to ‘Messenger’.
  8. Define Trigger Event: Pick ‘New message received’.
  9. Add Condition: Choose ‘Any of the following conditions’.
  10. Condition: Message > select Keywords
  11. Enter Trigger Keywords: Add keywords like “trademark”, “infringed”, “deactivated”, “fanpage”, or “deletion”. You will need to set a condition for each keyword.
  12. Select Action: Choose ‘Mark as’ and then ‘Move to Spam’.
  13. **Save

Confirm by clicking the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Other Settings to Stop the Spam Reviews and Messages

  1. Log into Facebook, then click your profile photo in the top right.
  2. Click See all profiles, then select the Page you want to switch into.
  3. Click your Page’s profile picture in the top left of Facebook.
  4. Click Settings & privacy, then click Settings.
  5. In the left menu, click Privacy and then click Public Posts.
  6. In the Restrictions section, scroll down to Country Restrictions and click the Edit.
  7. Add your local country and choose: show your Page to viewers in those countries.
  8. Click Save changes

Congratulations! Your dance studio’s Facebook page is now better protected against scam messages. These unwanted messages will be redirected to spam, allowing you to focus on connecting with your dance community.

What if Scam Messages Still Get Through?

In case you still find scam messages in your inbox, it’s likely they’re using different keywords. Keep an eye out for these new terms and update your automation as needed.

Remember, maintaining a strong and secure online presence is crucial for your dance studio’s reputation and growth. By following these steps, you’re not only protecting your studio but also ensuring that your focus remains on what truly matters for your business.

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